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Welcome cue makers and cue repairmen. It's easy for you to find and order quality shaft wood, and custom cue components.

We are not a reseller. Since 1988 all of the hard maple products we offer have been sawn from the log here in our saw mill, kiln dried in our vacuum kilns and processed for custom cue makers.

We've added "tier"pricing for our dowels, taper shafts, and finish cut profile shafts. Custom cue makers , production cue builders, and repairmen around the world have come to know Cue Stock as the place to shop for quality shaft wood and components for pool cues and billiard cues. Made in the USA by American caftsman.

Finish Cut Shaftwood Sale

AA grade or better blems for sale. These are straight grained , all roll straight ( no run out ) but have a small cosmetic blem. Usually a small mineral deposit or sugar line.

Finish cut ready to sand this grade sells for $22.99 each. The blems are available  5 for $55.00.

B grade or better  blems (finish cut profile ) 5 for $25.00

AA grade or better curly maple taper shafts. These are beautiful white, straight grain, high growth ring count shafts with a little bit of curl present. 5 for $55.00

      Our entire process from buying the log , sawing and drying the lumber, thru selecting the shaft wood for the different grades we offer is focused on providing cue makers with high quality maple. Our radial laminated products are hand built here at Cue Stock, now in our 12th year manufacturing the Dominator shaft. Cue Stock has provided quality products for the pool and billiards industry worldwide for more than 24 years. We are located in Western New York State USA, a place where some of the best hard maple in the world grows. We are cue makers. www.dominiakcues.com We understand the challenges in building cues. Production schedules and timber harvest effect our inventory. Shaft wood is in constant production.  Plan ahead for your shaft wood orders. New tier pricing !! Click on the product images to view tier pricing. 

    This site is set up for domestic sales (USA). Export sales please contact us for shipping options. We can ship USPS or UPS. Comments, questions about our products?  call 585-768-7838 EST 8:00AM-6:00PM  Don't have Pay Pal ? Call us . We accept credit/debit cards, and money orders. International orders use bank to bank wire transfer. Call or email us for more info.